Purchasing a seat in our digital theater for our Review/Webinar will allow you to learn all about that products features. At the end of Review/Webinar, (1) seat holder will be chosen and receive the reviewed product for FREE!


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Welcome to Device Tree Reviews, based in Peoria, IL. We are here to educate and provide you with the latest info on the hottest and newest electronic products on the market via our Review/Webinar process. Our Review/ Webinars are a low cost way to learn more about a product along with an opportunity to receive that product FREE!

How a Webinar Works

A Device Tree Review/Webinar is a live preview and review of the hottest technology products on the market. There are a limited number of seats to our virtual theater that are sold for each product. You are only allowed to buy one (1) seat per product. Once all the seats are sold, everyone that has purchased a seat will get an email notifying them when the review of the product will go live. One of our electronic specialists will open the product and go over the specs and features. At the completion of the review our specialist will then enter all of the seat holders along with their corresponding seat numbers that they chose into a certified random name/number generator. The person selected by the generator will then receive the item that was just reviewed for FREE! That person will be contacted immediately and the product will be shipped via Fedex Overnight.

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Everyone at DeviceTreeReviews has been EXTREMELY helpful and informative when I was purchasing my iPhone 12. With such a premium purchase, I really needed to know if the upgrade was really worth an upgrade from the iPhone 11.

Jennifer Willis

Patterson, New Jersey

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